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Latest news

HTNB Update 8

Harvest & Trustee Northern Branch gets a world and stealth upgrade.

Play it again and open a new vault in Death sentence difficulty, loud only. Sneaky players can discover a new way to get into the regular vault.


Take care of the new guards and their patrols and don’t forget to close those blinds! We also included Bain’s voice lines.

Family Jewels

PD2C present you a new 2 days, exclusive heist from Quackertree :

Family Jewel's.

Payday gang is in to steal some diamonds for a shady guy called "the collector", include custom Voice over.


Happy new year heisters !

Harvest & Trustee Northern Branch

It's time to rob a new bank. In the north of Washington, a new branch has opened of the Harvest and Trustee Bank. This is a new goal for us.

This is our first custom heist build by Quackertree and Rex! We would be happy if you could leave some feedback about it.

Have fun with it!