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We present you a brand new contest from Payday 2 Concepts!

You have an idea for a concept and want it featured on our website? Now is your chance! We're  looking for cool new stuff from the community. This must be something from four categories: weapon pack, a brand new heist, update ideas or a character. Your imagination is the only limit. Create your concept as a picture, show us how it would look like as a website (you can also create a website for us). With a bit of luck you have the chance to win some cool prizes!

The concept must be made for the contest! Old concepts won't be considered.

Our concepts will not participate. This contest is only for the community.

Send your concept as a .zip/.rar file attached to:


Subject: Contest submission

The email must include the names of everyone who helped, the links to your Steam accounts, as well as all your sources.


No copyright stuff. The concept needs to be made by you and/or your team.

You are allowed to use images from Google but you must include links to all the used content. (A little source section at the bottom for example)

Try to avoid text-only concepts. If you are unable to make pictures for it, make it as detailed as possible or team up with someone who can help you.

You're allowed to work with other people but you have to share your award. Also, make sure to credit everyone in your team.

Each team can only submit one concept. You can't submit your own concept if you're already part of another team. Multiple submissions won't be considered.


1st place:

Your concept will be featured as a site on Payday 2 Concepts! You will also receive 4 DLCs  and 4 masks.

3 runners-up:

Winners will receive 3 DLC's and 3 masks.


4 honorable mentions:

Winners will receive 1 DLC and 2 masks.

12 Entries:

Those who get close but don't make it will get a mask code.


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