This tool was made for those people who've seen a bit about custom heists and would like to play with them, but look up against the massive amount of downloads, unzipping & file moving they have to do to get it to work.


This Java-made (you require to have Java installed) application will instantly install the following at just one button press:


• SuperBLT


• BeardLib


•Manager Mayhem


• Turret Takedown


• Cold Gold


•Transfer Frenzy


• The Medic Heist


• Project Eclipse


•Project Eclipse: Research Facility


• Project Eclipse: Acension


• Elmsworth Mansion


• Office Strike


• Family Jewels


That means you get access to 11 custom heists made by the community in just a few seconds!


If you're a modder and you want your heist included in this list, let me know! I'll add it to the base file so it gets downloaded by everyone!


Hopefully this makes the life of all of you a bit easier & get more of you into playing those customs! There's some real gems in there! :)


Have a great Christmas and a happy new year! -Quackertree