Some travelers found an old train in the middle of the forest. It's been there for a while, probably derailed years ago. Your job is simple, go there, and check the place. I'm pretty sure there are some valuables to steal, maybe more. With a train in this situation who knows. Be careful though, the police have already started their swarm to check things out. You have two options, either go loud or sneaky-beaky like. Your choice.

Oh, and I hope you have flashlights. It's dark in there...

Project Eclipse is a one-day heist that will get you in the middle of a large forest in Germany.

Stealth is an option, not a requirement. Either go stealth or loud.

This is the first part of a serie of 3 maps.

You wanted me to stalk them, it's done. I could find that they are working into a secret laboratory in D.C. You're ready to go there, but be careful. These guys aren't clean.

Your job is simple. An organization like this must have a lot of cash somewhere. Whatever they are doing, just steal anything valuable you can find.

And, don't die. Unless you want to be their future test subjects.

Good job guys, another good day. Let's go back to the safehouse. Drinks on me.

... Looks like Bain have no clue on what you're running into.

Also available : The 3 days heist version !

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