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Rise like a Sputnik! With Vlad’s brand new weapon deal you can get rid of those Common Battle-Worn skins. You don’t like a skin? You have too many of the same kind? No problem! Trade 10 lower rarity skins for one of the next higher rarity! Sounds good? You like the deal? Try it out!

Vlad’s operation now breaks open the safes and smuggles only the best weapons.

For 10 skins of one rarity you will receive a skin of the next one.

Select the new option in your Steam inventory called "Use in Trade-Up". Use this to trade some old weapons with Vlad and get a better one!

Every weapon gives you a 10% chance to get a higher rarity from the same collection.



Skins in the Trade-Up:

5 Community 2 Collection Skins

5 Community 1 Collection Skins

50% Chance to get a Community 2 Skin

50% Chance to get a Community 1 Skin

The new skin’s condition is also dependent on the old weapons condition which you want to use in the Trade-Up.


Conditions in the Trade-Up:

7 Skins in Lightly-Marked

3 Skins in Mint-Condition

70% Chance to get a Lightly-Marked Skin

30% Chance to get a Mint-Condition Skin